Beckley and Stowood, Oxfordshire



Many people from our and neighbouring parishes are very opposed to the SODC Local Plan - the destruction of the Green Belt around Oxford and the proposed development of Land north of Bayswater Brook (Wick Farm and Lower Elsfield).  Local residents attended and spoke in opposition at the SODC council meetings in December 2018.  There was a large attendance at the presentation and discussion that John Walsh and Ginny gave (attached - SODC Local Plan Presentation 30 Jan 19) in January ’19 and then 2,563 individual people or organisations responded to the official consultation in February last year with 17,135 separate comments, nearly double consultation responses on other Local Plan versions.  Many parish residents together with those from Barton and Sandhills held a protest walk and started a petition - ...Read the full article

South Oxfordshire District Council has opened its public consultation on the Local Plan until 18th February at 5 p.m.

This plan has added 4 new Strategic Development Sites in the Green Belt around Oxford, including Wick Farm and Lower Elsfield in our Parish. As well as taking this land out of the Green Belt and building 1,100 houses on it a bypass road is to be built across this site from the junction of the Elsfield Road with the ring road to the A40 between Sandhills and Forest Hill.

Please respond to the consultation – there are 5 documents (listed below) with more information and how to respond together with a link to the SODC Plan. Please open this article (by clicking on the article's title SODC Local Plan) then either ...Read the full article