Beckley and Stowood, Oxfordshire

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Dear All,

Please find attached a very concerning letter from Kit Malthouse, Housing Minister to all the councils in the Oxford-Milton-Keynes- Cambridge Arc asking for sites for a million new houses along the Arc, by 14th September and the Expressway Action Group’s press release.

We were expecting an announcement on which Corridor has been chosen for the Expressway last month, but have had no word.

( Iain Stewart MP the Government Champion for the Oxford-Cambridge Arc was due to visit Otmoor on Monday 30th July with John Howell our MP , but postponed the visit as he had just been made assistant whip and does not know if he will continue with this champion role. )

The 1 million new houses and Expressway Route are linked, but there seems to be no co-ordination. 

The 1 million new houses is an even greater threat than the Expressway itself.  The allocation for Oxfordshire from NIC (National Infrastructure Commission)  doubles the housing and population of Oxfordshire.  Oxford City Council is likely to see it as an opportunity to expand their empire into our parish at Wick Farm and others – Lower Elsfield etc.

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CPRE Oxford-Cambridge Expressway: Potential approximate routes


The following requests has been published on the Horton cum Studley website and is copied here for your consideration.

From Peter Rutt, EAG

Hello everyone

Following our last general email to you all, lots of members have written emails and letters to MPs and Councillors following the publication of the extraordinary letter sent to Local Councils from the Housing Minister - thanks to everyone who did.

However, a few of the emails we have seen have been rather harsh in tone, and some also strayed off purely Expressway matters and turned to more general criticisms.  While I understand that there are issues out there which upset people, there is a danger that we will antagonise the very people we are trying to persuade, or even people who are already supporting us wholeheartedly - for example our very helpful MPs.