We would like to thank everyone who responded to the Main Modifications consultation for the SODC Local Plan.

The responses have now been published on the SODC web site, although this has recently been updated and many links don’t work, but you should find them here - https://data.southoxon.gov.uk/ccm/support/Main.jsp?MODULE=FolderView&ID=1334888850&CODE=EDCF9ED7DD7DFA47C0A37B11DC8159EB&NAME=Local%20Plan%20Main%20Modifications%20Consultation%20Representations&REF=REP_2035&REFERER_URL_IN=&SOVA_IN=SOUTH


Please find the response for Beckley and Stowood Parish Council and Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group at the bottom of this page.  It is quite detailed as we have been developing mitigation policies in our emerging Neighbourhood Plan in the event that the developers of Land north of Bayswater Brook submit a Masterplan and apply for planning permission.


The Inspector’s final report is expected at the end of this month - November, in line with the timing from the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, Robert Jenrick.


The Inspector’s report will then go to SODC and through a series of council meetings with a motion to the full council that the Plan be approved.  It can only be approved in its entirety or not at all.  The likely timing is –


  • Scrutiny Committee – 6.30 p.m. Monday 7th December
  • Special Cabinet Meeting – 6 p.m. Tuesday 8th December
  • Full Council Meeting – 6 p.m. Thursday 10th December
  • Provisional Full Council Meeting- 6 p.m. Tuesday 22nd December


The meeting agendas will be published a week before the meetings and the meetings themselves can be viewed on line.  If you wish to ask a question or speak at the meetings you can e-mail the officer.  This is a bit déjà vu for some of us, who attended a similar series of meetings in 2018 to oppose this Local Plan through each committee stage. At least this time it will be on line.


If the Plan is approved by the SODC council it would then go on to a Masterplan for each site and then a detailed planning application.


We will alert everyone when the Inspector’s report is published.  Any queries please contact Ginette Camps-Walsh camps.walsh@btinternet.com or John Walsh walshj209@gmail.com or SODC direct.