Welcome to the twinning forum!

We welcome discussion on all topics related to our twinning with St Louans, France. But, before you launch into your first topic or your response to someone elses topic or comments, here are some general rules of etiquette for the forum:

  • Avoid typing all in capitals or all in bold text, as this is the equivalent to shouting on an Internet forum!
  • Avoid posting extremely long forum posts on a regular basis.
  • Read all of the posts in the thread before posting your comments. This will help forum participants avoid repeating points that have already been discussed previously.
  • Don’t "hijack" a forum threads. Keep your comments relevant to the topic and avoid taking the discussion thread away from the current line of conversation. If you'd like to discuss a different issue or problem, it's best to suggest a new thread in the “Suggestions for New Topics” thread.
  • Please don’t make derogatory remarks about fellow forum participants, the website or the website team. It’s all too easy to cross the line between constructive and non-constructive criticism when writing in a forum where there is an absence of indicators like tone of voice, facial expressions, etc. If you have a problem that you'd like to address with another individual, it's best to discuss this outside our forum!
  • When posting on an Internet forum, there is an absence of indicators that help the reader to decipher your tone and intention. In the absence of valuable voice tone, body language, facial expressions and other social cues, emoticons and symbols (smiley face, or "*smile*") can help make tone and intention clear to other forum participants.
  • Remember your audience. Who's reading the web forum? It's important to keep this in mind when making forum posts and make sure that the discussion is appropriate to the audience.
  • If you want to add a topic of discussion, please click on the Add new Forum topic link at the top of the page. Please note that new topics do not become visible on the site until they have been reviews and published by the Content Manager of our site.


Now, bearing these in mind, please go ahead and get involved!